Its Enchillada Time!!!

May 22, 2007

It is.


moving pains

May 20, 2007

So, about a week back i did a soft reformat on my harddrive, and as a result, against what HP told me would happen, I lost all my application data, the applications are still installed, but none of them are validated or registered, leaving all my legal versions of office, counterstrike, flash, and my adobe stuff unable to run, until I find the registration keys, some of which im sure dont exist anymore. If you can help me out, send me an IM or something.

I beat Mario Sunshine the other day. That game is not fun, and I tried to photoshopping, I mean photomanipulating a picture using Adobe Photoshop Software, showing Allison with FLUDD on, but PHOTOSHOP WONT OPEN!!!  i miss my programs.  😦

and that’s how we begunt…

May 17, 2007

Jeffrey and I have been dating for three years now. We had a very complicated beginning and middle… and it’s only getting more complicated, but we have decided to live with each other for the summer until Jeffrey moves back to go to school. My first memory of Jeffrey and I connecting was when his girlfriend, at the time, explained to me why Jeffrey was not at school. Apparently he had cut off his finger during a strange bmx accident and had to go to the emergency room to sew it back on the previous night. After school I decided to give him a call to make sure he was ok (of course he was on pills) and we talked for almost an hour about random things but we both had a love for No Doubt that brought us together. And that is how we begunt…


Our New Pet

May 17, 2007

Jeffrey decided to turn his latest sculpture into our new pet. This is a picture of me feeding it macaroni and cheese. We haven’t named him yet but Jeffrey insists on taking him on walks… outside… in front of people!

Still settling

May 17, 2007

We went to grab a few more of my things yesterday.

 On the way we went to KING KONG BURGER.  Outrageous.

Yes, that burger is almost as big as her head.

The first few days.

May 17, 2007

I got here on Monday, and moved my load into the place.  It’s really nice, I like it here.  I’ll try and take some more pictures to upload once I get a little more settled in.  For now, here is a picture of allison in the new place.


Allison by the window